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Marsh Arab, Beni Hassan Kilim SOLD



This wonderful fascinating embroidery rug/blanket of locally spun and dyed wools, with stylized geometric designs and animals with figures, from the Marsh Arabs, Ma'Dan of beni Hasan in Southern Iraq. Woven on ground looms in panels, from the wetland marshes in the middle and lower basin of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Iraq.  An area of shallow freshwater lakes, marshes and seasonally inundated floodplains extending from the region of Basrah in the east to Baghdad in the west. This area of Lower Mesopotamia is the legendary site of the Garden of Eden, near the famous ruined cities of Ur and Babylon.

The Mesopotamian marshes have provided a home for the Ma’dan or Marsh Arabs for at least 5000 years.  The weaving and embroidery are done solely by Ma’dan women except for the hand spinning of wools, which is done by both men and women.

102" x 64"



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