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Marco Oviedo 'Death Cart Procession' Wood Carving SOLD


A wonderful extraordinary wood carving of the Penitente Death Cart Procession by Marco Oviedo, a contempoary wood carver of Chimayo, NM, Chimayo, New Mexico, 1980s.

Penitente-inspired death carts depict a skeletal figure, La Muerte or Dona Sebastiana riding an ox cart and carrying a bow and arrow, an instrument of death and a reminder of human mortality, memento mori. The Hermanos Penitentes were a religious brotherhood which flourished in the mountain villages of northern New Mexico from the mid-eighteenth to the late-nineteenth century.

Marco Oviedo — a wood carver, blacksmith and breeder of donkeys in Chimayó, New Mexico — carries on a family tradition of wood carving that can be traced back as far as 1730. And, most likely, his Spanish ancestors were carving figures from wood long before that date. Through a painstaking and loving process, Oviedo creates wooden masterpieces—from saints and archangels to allegorical and folk figures.

43"L x 5"W

From a Los Angeles private art collection 



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