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Authentic Shoji Hamada Stoneware Plate c1930


A beautiful stoneware plate by Shoji Hamada with ash glaze and a thin white glaze. As the appraisal states the type of clay body and the style of the plates and the use of the ochre slip suggests that these are very early works, probably c1930.
three plates in all available, each 1900.00
10.75" x 2"
Susan Peterson, wrote the book, 'Shoji Hamada: A Potter's Way' and confirmed the 3 plates I have, but have no stamps or boxes. Pucker Gallery also authenticated with Hamada's family. Hamada rarely signed or stamped a piece.
From the Cornuelle collection of Hawaii and Seattle.
Shoji Hamada was a Japanese ceramicist and an important member of the Mingei Folk-art movement. His simple designs convey an elegant beauty, focused on utility as much as aesthetic.


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