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Antique Mutwa Bharat Shawl


This lovely antique woolen Mutwa dowry shawl was woven by the wool weaver Meghwals of Gujarat. Like the Rabari, with great skill the wool is handspun and woven on a loom in two pieces and dyed with natural dyes, then the shawl is embellished with this beautiful embroidery, which takes months to create. It is a dowry wedding shawl, worn once and stored.

Mutwas’ embroidery arises from its name from Mutwa (Maldhari) which is a sub caste of Muslims living in Banni area. Mutwas’ embroidery is the finest embroidery in Banni area. Mutwas are expert in workmanship of all styles of embroidery. The work is carried out using silk threads. This work is extremely difficult.


80" L x 44" W



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