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Antique Japanese Sashiko Stitched Indigo Blanket SOLD


A stunning and rare sashiko stitched indigo blue blanket or futon cover.

Shikimono means things to be put on the floor. This square rug was used to put on the floor by a traditional irori or floor hearth and also was used as a blanket and futon.

61.5" x 59"


This antique indigo sashiko textile is from the working class and remote communities that the plain-stitch embroidery quilting technique sashiko (from ‘sasu’, to pierce) originated: to protect, or mend, clothing and fabric. The basic technique is a small running stitch that follows the grain of the fabric, whereby horizontal rows of stitches are considered stronger than vertical rows. And while the geometric patterns of white stitching contrasted prominently with the indigo coloured ground, sashiko was initially used for mere practical reasons: By doubling up layers and stitching them together, or by recycling old pieces of cloth into a new garment, the finished product naturally became more durable and, equally important, warmer.



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